The sophistication of science. The genius of nature.

Through remarkable genetic engineering, we’ve developed the DiversitAb™ platform to harness the native human antibody immune response. Our novel therapeutic engine can produce medicines—human polyclonal antibodies—for a broad array of pathogens to treat modern health challenges such as seasonal influenza, Type 1 diabetes, and cancers.

The Power of Polyclonal Antibodies.

SAB’s technology platform leverages the natural human immune response to develop next-generation, fully human polyclonal antibody therapeutics without the need for human serum, extending both the safety and potency.  These highly-efficacious antibodies have proven to neutralize and block disease, and also address mutation. SAB’s platform represents, for the first time, the ability to produce targeted, fully human, high potency polyclonal therapies on a commercial scale.

Monoclonal Approach

  • Highly-targeted with specific activity
  • Iterative Ab identification and selection process
  • Selected and cloned in vitro
  • Escape mutants under selective pressure
  • Resistance may develop as pathogen mutates
  • Current cocktail trend to address resistance

Polyclonal Approach

  • Diversity of antibodies with multiple modalities
  • Naturally selected and produced in vivo
  • Effective against escape mutants
  • Reduced possibility of resistance
  • Activates cellular immunity
  • Synergistic properties not duplicated by mono- or oligoclonals

A Platform of Promise.

SAB’s novel DiversitAb™ immunotherapy platform enables a scalable and reliable production of targeted, higher-potency neutralizing antibody products than has been previously possible. Our platform can consistently and reliably produce fully human antibodies without the need for convalescent plasma from human donors. Tc Bovine–our genetically-engineered cattle–mount the same immune response as humans, only with a much higher concentration of targeted neutralizing antibodies. In addition eliminating the need to identify, screen, and draw blood from recovering volunteers, our novel approach opens the door to medicines that are potentially more potent, safer, and longer-lasting than current antibody therapies.

Why Cows?

Targeted, High-Potency Polyclonals

As ruminants, cows inherently have a more robust immune response than humans. This response is stimulated when an immunogen specifically and exclusively to a target is introduced, activating the entire disease fighting force of human antibodies. We further boost the response with a specialized vaccine formulation and strategy that maintains a high level of antibody production over an extended period of time and targets plasma collection at the highest levels. These optimized technologies result in large amounts of diverse, high-titer, high-avidity antibodies resulting in a high-potency therapy.

Large Scale

As a large animal production system, greater volumes of neutralizing antibodies are generated that can be collected up to three times per month per animal. Production can be ramped up by simply continuing to immunize and collect plasma, and by adding more animal donors.

Safety and Consistency

Unlike human plasma donors, who may have previous exposures to many pathogens and varying genetic backgrounds, SAB’s platform offers a large-scale, consistently managed donor pool, genetically representing a single human donor. In addition, because our Tc Bovine are inoculated with a non-infectious subunit, they produce antibodies to the immunogen without becoming infected or ill.

A novel approach using nature’s genius to fight disease

Our therapies leverage the native human immune response, providing a highly-specific match against the complexity, diversity and mutation of disease.

SAB’s streamlined proprietary development process eliminates the selection step needed to select the most potent antibody candidates. Rather, a specifically designed immunization for genetically engineered cattle activates the entire disease fighting force of fully human antibodies. Hyperimmunization of the cattle results in diverse, high-titer, high-avidity antibodies that are then captured in the large amounts of plasma resulting in a high-potency therapy.

Tc Bovine-produced human antibodies have shown to “behave” identically to those produced in humans. As such, our therapeutic works with a patient’s own immune system to both neutralize a virus and activate the other components of the immune system that are important in helping the body fight disease. SAB data from across our clinical platform has shown that our antibodies are effective even when antivirals or monoclonal antibodies have become ineffective due to virus or pathogen mutation. This is one of the compelling reasons why polyclonal antibodies have the potential to serve as the primary line of defense against mutating viral targets like COVID-19.